Spring Event: La Fiesta de Ayni

Dear Friend of Carmen Pampa Fund,

I wanted to send an update to you about the Fiesta de Ayni, the spring event organized in Minnesota to benefit the College in Carmen Pampa, held last week in Minneapolis. We were glad to see over one hundred people come and spend the evening with us, incredible people just like you.
We were happy to host Sister Damon and the other Franciscan Sisters, the College’s 2020 Vision project coordinator Andres Pardo, the four interns from the Spanish immersion schools, our Spirit of Ayni award winner Sarah Mechtenberg, graduate of the College Veronica Calles who is getting her PhD from North Dakota State — it is a long list of great people!

We are also pleased to announce that we raised over $24,000, funds used to support programs at the College. That is great news indeed.
Whether you come to live events or not, know that we are grateful to you for being part of our success. We couldn’t do this without your love and support.

Hugh Smeltekop

Executive Director

Carmen Pampa Fund