Food Cooperative

The Food Cooperative Program provides healthy meals for more than 70 percent of the UAC-CP’s student body.  The two student-managed food cooperatives provide free breakfasts and subsidized lunches and dinners. Students and graduates report that without this assistance, many people would be unable to study at the College or they would be forced to go hungry.

The Food Cooperative Program started in 2000 as a direct response to growing health programs (e.g., broken bones and bloody noses). These health problems, it was determined, were the direct result of malnutrition.

Today, with approximately 400 students participating in the Food Cooperative Program, the College has seen a decrease in the number of illnesses related to malnutrition and an improvement in overall health. Studies at the College have also shown benefits in health and academic scores for those students who participate in the Food Cooperative.

Though support from donations to Carmen Pampa Fund and the in-kind labor of students who take turns purchasing food, cooking, and cleaning keep costs as low as possible, Food Cooperative members must also pay a monthly contribution to help contribute to expenses.