Nadine Leahy, Development Consultant

Nadine has served in a variety of capacities at Carmen Pampa Fund since she first started working in the St. Paul office in 1999. Today, as CPF’s Development Consultant, Nadine is responsible for processing gifts, managing the donor database, and general office management.

Though she and her family have supported the College since its founding stages in 1993, it wasn’t until a visit to Carmen Pampa in 2010 that Nadine was able to fully understand and appreciate the work of the College to educate Bolivians and the role that Carmen Pampa Fund plays in that success.

“I am so proud to be part of an organization that empowers people to be what they want to be and help their families and community members to do the same. The students, the staff, and the faculty at the College are all so inspiring to me!”

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