Agronomy Students Win Prize


Two teams of UAC-CP Agronomy students participated in the nationwide “Planting Green Ideas” competition sponsored by the U.S. Embassy and Fundación Nuevo Norte during the final week of February.

The initiative called upon university students from throughout Bolivia to propose ideas that respond to challenges of protecting the environment. Of the original 48 proposals received by the U.S. Embassy, both of the UAC-CP’s projects were chosen as two of six finalists to compete for a $4,000 USD prize to implement their sustainable “green” idea.

On February 26, one of the UAC-CP teams was awarded the cash prize that will allow them to create a system to transform organic waste on campus into biogas that can be used to cook food in the College’s Food Cooperative Program. The project will help the College cut its propane gas use from 11 tanks to 3 tanks per week.

More information is available online in Spanish, including an interview with Patricia Mamani who was part of the winning UAC-CP team.

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