Fr. Emilio Medrano Named UAC-CP Director

The Board of Directors of the UAC-CP appointed Fr. Emilio Medrano Toro as Director General of the College.

Fr. Emilio, who served as Vice Director of Academics at the UAC-CP for the 2013 academic year, has an impressive career in education. Ordained a priest in 2000, his experience includes being a professor at the UAC-CP and at the University of San Pablo in La Paz. He has also worked as a parish administrator and, most recently, served as the Director of Education ofr the Diocese of Coroico. Fr. Emilio has conducted seminars on administration in higher education and presented at the 4th Jurisdictional Congress of Catholic Education. He recently completed his master’s degree in higher education at the Universidad Salesiana de Bolivia in La Paz.

Outgoing Director General Dr. Hugh Smeltekop worked with Fr. Emilio during the past year to prepare him for leadership at the College. “It is the job of a missionary to work oneself out of a job. We are not to be indispensable,” said Dr. Smeltekop. Fr. Emilio will lead a college with 70 professors and 700 students, more than half of whom are women.

As a result of this appointment, Dr. Smeltekop is leaving the staff of the College and is joining CPF as a consultant responsible for development. He will also help Fr. Emilio transition into his new position.



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