INIAF Accredits UAC-CP & Funds Coffee Project

The National Institute of Farming and Forestry Innovation (INIAF) in Bolivia accredited the UAC-Carmen Pampa as a technology center of reference. The College is one of 26 institutions that has received this type of accreditation.

The INIAF recently provided a two-year grant to the College to implement a coffee project in eight communities located within the Municipality of Coroico.

UAC-CP faculty, staff, and students are responsible for organizing and facilitating capacity-building workshops focused on the promotion of organic coffee and the integration of small farmers into the local coffee supply chain. The College is also growing thousands of coffee seedlings that will be made available to 100 farmers.

Currently, the UAC-CP and community leaders (promoters) are working together to organize interested community members to construct temporary tree nurseries for the propagation of coffee seedlings. After 6 months of growth in the nurseries, farmers will plant the seedlings in prepared fields and continue to receive support in the form of extension visits and workshops on soil health, integrated pest management, and other organic production techniques. Audiovisual and printed material will be distributed to participants to further support this training.

Sidney Madsen, a recent Cornell University graduate who is working on the project, explains that the overall goal is to rejuvenate interest in coffee production among local farmers by making coffee production more profitable.

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