Special Initiatives


In 2017 the UAC-CP launched a new initiative called: Entrepreneurship Program for Rural Bolivian Youth. Funded in part with a grant from the Inter-American Development Bank, the objective is to improve the economic situation of youth from Bolivia's rural area by helping them to develop the academic knowledge, practical abilities, and critical thinking skills necessary to create and manage successful businesses.  Combining practical training and academic studies, students learn best practices in business development within an integrated and supportive learning environment.


The College's micro-businesses in hog, chicken, and vegetable production, coffee and meat processing, and tourism services provide students with practical training in profitable business management. As students gain more academic knowledge and practical experience, they are they given more responsibilities, including: marketing, value chain analysis, and sales. Students play an active role in improving production and profitability--contributing to the College's overall sustainability.


Founded in 2006, the College’s Research Institute is the only investigative center of its kind in the Yungas. It empowers Bolivian youth to find affordable solutions for common problems facing the rural sector.  In addition to supporting students with their theses (a graduation requirement), the Institute also hosts bi-annual science fairs to promote critical thinking and research. The Research Institute has collaborated with various Bolivian research centers and, in 2011, worked on a joint ethics and indigenous research project with South Dakota State University, Brookings, SD.


Social service extension activities are not only a core part of the College's mission to respond to the needs of people living in the rural area, but to also provide practical and professional experiences for students in all areas of study. All students are required to participated in extension activities as part of their coursework. Projects include: crop research, math tutoring at local schools, public health visits, vaccinations of pets and livestock, hospitality and tourism workshops, etc.



The College believes teaching life and leadership skills are key to preparing students and graduates for life-long success in both the private and public sector. Programs, starting with first-year orientation, focus on integrating successful life skills into the core curricula to encourage critical thinking, creativity, ethics, and effective learning and study habits. Students are also encouraged to participate in unique, international leadership opportunities provided through institutional partnerships, including: South Dakota State University, Adams Spanish Immersion School, Sonia Sotomayor Elementary School, and the U.S. State Department's Winter Institute.

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