CPF Donor Greg Nevers

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Why do you donate to Carmen Pampa Fund?

I believe providing opportunities for education to those least able to afford it is a very effective way to begin to address some of the needs in Bolivia.

Why do you choose to make regular, monthly donations?

I give monthly partly for my own convenience and also because I recognize that the needs are ongoing. Many people donate once or at year-end and that is helpful, but I know from experience that organizations like the UAC-CP have expenses, like payroll, to meet every month.

The monthly giving process is easy to set up and once it’s set up it’s almost like a payroll deduction plan where if you don’t see the money, you’re not inclined to spend it on something else. I’d much rather use this discipline to support the College than waste the funds on an extra meal or two out each month.

What message do you have for other Carmen Pampa Fund donors?

I encourage you to learn about the College–its faculty and most of all its students. You will be humbled and inspired. Choose to support them in whatever way you can.

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