CPF Partners with Fundación SOLYDES

Carmen Pampa Fund’s Board of Directors are excited to announce a restructuring of CPF’s work with the College, which includes a new cooperation agreement with the Fundación SOLYDES — a Bolivian nonprofit organization that will help us with oversight and reporting of our work in Carmen Pampa.  Going forward, in lieu of general funding, CPF will support the College along two different pathways: 1) providing scholarships directly to students and, 2) funding capital projects. 

The CPF Scholarship Program will award funding to students based on financial need and academic merit. A committee — composed of representatives from CPF, SOLYDES, the Franciscan Missionary Sisters, the College, and UAC-CP graduates — will be established to select scholarship recipients to ensure that young Bolivians who could otherwise not afford college are able to study at the UAC-CP.  SOLYDES, which has awarded scholarships to deserving students at the College and for nearly 10 years, will now help CPF manage our new scholarship program — at no cost.

In addition, we are scoping out specific capital projects identified and prioritized by the College that require our financial support. The first of those projects, developed with UAC-CP Director José Luis Beltran, is reviving a popular Business Institute program that welcomes speakers and business leaders — several of whom are UAC-CP graduates — to strengthen courses on entrepreneurial skills development.

“We feel fortunate to work in partnership with an established Bolivian nonprofit that already has a solid relationship with the College,” according to CPF Board Chair Mark Leahy in a letter to CPF donors.

To learn more about Fundación SOLYDES, we invite you to visit their website.

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