Ecotourism Department Celebrates Anniversary

Tourism Department Celebrates Anniversary

The UAC-CP’s Ecotourism Department celebrated its 13th anniversary today. In honor of the special day, students organized a variety of special activities, including a mass for the UAC-CP students, faculty, and staff and a cultural night to showcase student talents.

The Ecotourism Program, which first offered courses to young Bolivians at a technical level in 2006, is now a fully accredited undergraduate program. The Ecotourism Department provides students with the opportunity to discover and showcase the diversity of Bolivia’s culture, language, and natural wonders. It prepares graduates for work in state or local government, national parks, travel agencies, international organizations, as well as work as small business owners–like Joanna Gabriela Rosas Mealla, a hostel owner featured on our “Meet Our Graduates” page.

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