Professional Visitor Opportunities in Bolivia

The College is always looking for hard-working, dedicated, and mature professionals who want to help carry out the mission of the UAC-CP: to provide higher education to the poor; to prepare young men and women who are called to serve the poor; to guide young adults in their search for truth through education, research, and community extension outreach; and to integrate the work of the College throughout Bolivia’s rural area.

The success of the College is dependent upon the special skills and interests that each person shares with the UAC-CP community. We are particularly grateful for our visiting professionals from all over the world who contribute to that success.

The College offers specific opportunities for professional visitors that meet the needs of UAC-CP students, faculty, and staff. Please review the job descriptions to determine whether the current needs of the UAC-CP fit your interests. If you have a unique skill set that you think would contribute to the College’s success, please contact us.

Employment at the UAC-CP is based on an individual and on-going basis. There are several factors that the College staff take into special consideration in order for applications to be approved to work and live in Carmen Pampa. They consider the applicant’s time availability, applicable work skills, and Spanish proficiency (some positions require a higher proficiency level, others less). Because UAC-CP professional visitors generally all live together in shared living space, we must also consider room availability in the guesthouse.

It is important to note that life and work at the College is not for everyone. Located in a relatively remote and underdeveloped area (at least three hours in public transportation from Bolivia’s capital city, La Paz), daily life at the UAC-CP is not without its physical and emotional challenges (e.g. occasional water and electrical outages, slow or intermittent internet access, infrequent/unscheduled transportation, limited social outlets apart from the College, etc).  That said, people who make every effort to embrace the unique opportunity of living and working at the College find the experience to be intensely rewarding and life-changing.

Specific job opportunities available at the College

Take a few minutes to review these positions currently available and decide if your talents and interests match the needs of the UAC-CP.

English Teacher Job Description –  Support English language learning by teaching, tutoring and assisting with curriculum development in the College’s Language Department.

If you are considering working in Carmen Pampa, Bolivia, please download and carefully read the Professional Visitor Pre-Arrival Handbook.

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