Honor Volunteers

Current volunteer Sarah Neuberger shares her time and talent with the UAC-CP community this year.

We did some math at the Carmen Pampa Fund office this week.

With more than 100 volunteers living and working at the College in Carmen Pampa since it was founded in 2003 (24 years ago!), we calculated over 200,000 hours of service. Even at the conservative value of $10 per hour, that comes out to an in-kind donation worth about two million dollars!

The success of the College depends on the special skills that our volunteers and visitors share. But not everyone can take several months–or years–off to work and live in Carmen Pampa. And that’s okay. You can make a difference in other ways.

One immediate and concrete way you can make a difference right now is by making a financial contribution to Carmen Pampa Fund!

A gift–of any size–allows the College to provide job training, entrepreneurship and leadership skills, and service activities for nearly 700 women and men who want to transform their lives through higher education.