Success Stories

Porfirio Kapa

Agronomy: Porfirio Kapa

When Porfirio Kapa was forced to drop out of school after the third grade to help financially support his father and siblings after his mother

Maribel Villca

Veterinary Science: Maribel Villca

A 2010 graduate of the UAC-CP’s Veterinary Science Department, Maribel is the only certified veterinarian in the entire Municipality of Irupana located in the rural

Ruben Pari

Education: Ruben Pari

Ruben Pari believes in the power of education to transform lives.  That’s why the UAC-CP Education graduate accepted an offer in 2009 to open an

Claudia Carrizales

Nursing: Claudia Carrizales

“I’m proud that I am able to put into practice the things that I learned from the College—in my work and my personal life,” says

Ecotourism: José Luis Huayha

Twenty-year-old José Luis Huayhua always wanted to study tourism. He liked the idea of traveling—experiencing new places and meeting new people. But studying at a