New Leadership Guides College Into 26th Year

New Director of College in Bolivia

“Academics matter, but only if they are accompanied by heart.”  This was the message of the College’s new Director General, Jose Luis Beltran, when he gave his welcome address at the UAC-CP’s inaugural mass on August 2, 2019. The all-college mass marked the beginning of classes for the second semester. 

Beltran is no stranger to the UAC-CP community. A long-time educator, he first started teaching at the College in 2002 and later led the Agronomy Department’s research program for three years. He was named Director of the UAC-CP’s Agronomy Department in 2006.

In addition to his bachelor’s degree, Beltran holds post-graduate degrees in cattle production, research, and higher education. Most recently, he obtained a Master’s in Business Administration from Catholic University of Bolivia.

Despite his many academic degrees, Beltran believes that diplomas alone do not make excellent professionals. “Working to enrich the lives of others, especially those most in need, is where our value is apparent,” he said. “The College’s reputation comes from the quality of our work and the clarity of our compassion. At that intersection true excellence is found.”

Beltran replaces Fr. Alejandro Mamani who served as General Director at the College since 2017.  Fr. Alejandro vacated the position after accepting a role to spearhead pastoral programs in the Coroico Diocese.

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