Agronomy: Porfirio Kapa

Porfirio KapaWhen Porfirio Kapa was forced to drop out of school after the third grade to help financially support his father and siblings after his mother died, he promised himself he would some day go back to school.

At the age of 18, Porifirio fulfilled his promise to himself—walking 12 hours every weekend to attend alternative education classes and sleeping overnight on the street.  After five years, with the equivalent of a high school diploma, he enrolled at the UAC-CP and, with the help of a scholarship, was awarded a bachelor of science in Agronomy in 2009.

Today, Porfirio manages CORACA—an association that provides technical assistance for more than 800 organic farmers in the Municipality of Irupana. “The mission of CORACA is to help ensure profitable, all-organic farming for local producers.”

Through his work, Porfirio has seen the lives of local producers gradually improve—both socially and economically. “As an agronomist, my vocation is to help producers. The result is that farmers are not only improving their financial situation, they are thinking about their future.”

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