Ecotourism: José Luis Huayha

Twenty-year-old José Luis Huayhua always wanted to study tourism. He liked the idea of traveling—experiencing new places and meeting new people. But studying at a university in Bolivia’s capital city was cost prohibitive for the son of a potato farmers who made significant personal and financial sacrifices

That is why José Luis decided to follow in the footsteps of his older sister Justa, a UAC-CP Nursing graduate, and study in the UAC-CP’s Ecotourism Department.  The College, José Luis says, is not only affordable for young people with few economic resources, but it also provides a quality education.

José Luis realizes now that tourism is about much more than just traveling. “Here [at the UAC-CP], I’ve learned that my profession is about many different skills: administration, organization, and the ability to work with different people from all over the world.” He also recognizes that, as a Bolivian, it’s about showcasing the beauty, natural wonders, and awesome adventures that are available in a country that has yet to be discovered by many people.

With his degree in Ecotourism from the UAC-CP, José Luis plans to return to his home community. There, he hopes to work with the local government to secure funding to preserve ruins that are the source of mysticism and local legend in the area. “The place is not very well known by tourists—I’d like to make it a tourist attraction. In that way, I can help my whole family and community by creating a source of income for people and by preserving our history and culture, too.  That is my commitment.”

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