Education: Ruben Pari

Ruben PariRuben Pari believes in the power of education to transform lives.  That’s why the UAC-CP Education graduate accepted an offer in 2009 to open an elementary school in Villa Copacabana—a community of 37 families located high in the Yungas mountains that is accessible only by foot.

As founder of the one-room adobe schoolhouse, Ruben is responsible for educating eleven elementary-aged children. “I want to be a part of making change. And these kids are the future of their community, the future of my country.”

Ruben, who hails from a small community near the College, explained that many children from the rural area grow up and go to the city because they do not learn to value what they have and are unable to appreciate who they are. His goal is to empower children not only with basic reading, writing, and arithmetic skills, but to provide young people with practical technical training and valuable human formation.

Providing education in remote areas of rural Bolivia is not without its difficulties—municipal funding for Ruben’s school, for example, is constantly at risk. But despite all the challenges, he remains optimistic; Ruben is dedicated to providing education in Bolivia’s rural area. “My students need a place to learn,” he says, “and it is my vocation and my honor to teach them.”

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