Nursing: Claudia Carrizales

Claudia Carrizales“I’m proud that I am able to put into practice the things that I learned from the College—in my work and my personal life,” says Claudia Carrizales.

Just four years after defending her thesis and graduating from the UAC-CP’s Nursing Program, Claudia manages a vaccination program (known by the Spanish acronym PAI and financed by the Bolivian Ministry of Health), that is responsible for the free distribution of vaccines.  Claudia is responsible for the entire population living in the city of El Alto—approximately one million people.

“My job,” Claudia explains, “is to help prevent diseases that, in some cases, can cause severe health care problems or even death.” Her team of health professionals, which is based at 74 health posts in the city, administers vaccinations against tuberculosis, measles, mumps, rubella, and other infectious disease. “One of our goals for this year,” Claudia offers as an example, “is to vaccinate 86,000 children between the ages of 1-6-years-old.“

Her work requires a high level of dedication and commitment says the married mother of two children who is also completing her master’s degree in health care administration.  “It’s important to me that I’m giving attention to children and adults who need to be protected from disease.”

Once the opportunity allows, Claudia admits, she would like to work in Bolivia’s rural area. “I want to return to help the people of my culture, to support them with my experience and the things I learned from the College.”

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