The College's Mission

Unidad Académica Campesina-Carmen Pampa

  • To make higher education available to young people of rural areas and those who, for whatever reason, are marginalized from the possibility to pursue such studies.
  • To prepare men and women who, inspired by principles of a Christian vocation, are called to the service of others, equipped with high quality professional training and a commitment to Christian principles to guide their decisions.
  • To be in constant search for truth and goodness by means of learning, research, and community extension.
  • To develop extension programs through specific projects that meet the felt needs in communities.
  • To integrate the work of the UAC-CP into the countryside, developing and strengthening progress and socio-economic liberation through academic, investigative, and social service extension activities.

The College's Vision

Train professionals so that they live by the gospel and are committed to serving the poor, sharing the life and mission of the church, being messengers of peace and joy. That are committed to an integrated and universal worldview which they demonstrate by respecting every human being and nature.

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