Travel to Carmen Pampa

Participate in Our Life and Work

The College welcomes independent visitors  and organized group travel to visit Carmen Pampa and participate in life and work on the UAC-CP campus. Make your trip to Bolivia both affordable, educational, and life-changing.

Independent Visitors

Whether you are a long-time donor of Carmen Pampa Fund, friends or family members of UAC-CP Visiting Professionals, or a person interested in learning more about our work, we invite you to visit Carmen Pampa.

Through interactions with students, staff and faculty at the College and visits to local communities, you will develop a deeper understanding of how the College addresses immediate needs and makes a long-term impact on social and economic problems in Bolivia.

To prepare for your visit to Carmen Pampa, please download and carefully read the Short-term Visitor Handbook.

Group Travel

Are you a fraternal organization? High school or university group? Church youth group? Life-long friends? Family? Whatever your group may be, consider visiting the College in Carmen Pampa.

Visitors will gain a deep understanding of the mission of the College and its work to promote positive social and economic change for Bolivians.

Through hands-on activities, cross-cultural experiences, and dialogue with UAC-CP students, faculty, and graduates, you will learn about the current challenges facing the people who live in rural areas of Bolivia. You will also come to understand the critical work of the College to train men and women to address the needs of Bolivians, while respecting and preserving indigenous culture and traditions. 

We are experienced at organizing visits for a wide array of age groups and varying lengths of stay. Themes for your visit can also be tailored according to specific interest or focus area.

For more information, please download a copy of our  Visitor Handbook for Groups.

For more information about how you can schedule a visit to Carmen Pampa, please send an e-mail to or call our office at 651-641-1588.

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