Guest House Renovation Project

Providing a welcoming place for volunteers and visitors in Carmen Pampa

For nearly 25 years, the Guest House in Carmen Pampa has been graciously receiving volunteers and visitors from around the globe who have come to share their time and talent with the UAC-CP--a college founded in 1993 that provides higher education to young Bolivian men and women from impoverished and marginalized populations.

But the house has been around for much longer than 25 years. The original hacienda served as a home for the plantation owner and his family until Bolivia's agrarian reform in 1952. After that, the adobe structure became a home for a small group of Xaverian Brothers who came to the small, mountain community to open a boarding school for boys.

Today, the house welcomes about 6-10 volunteers per year who live there while working at the College in various capacities. The house also hosts a handful of guests throughout the year who give lectures or offer specialized services.

If the walls of the Guest House could talk, they would have many stories to share about all of the interesting people who have visited and lived in the house throughout the years.

But after decades of wear and tear on both the inside and the outside, the Guest House--which features 8 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a common living and kitchen area (and a "laundry room"--if you count the sink basin used to wash clothes by hand out back)--is in desperate need of some updates.

Recent UAC-CP volunteer Barbara Jeanetta put together a comprehensive list of everything that needs to be fixed in order to provide a safe and comfortable place to stay. Some of the planned updates include: new plumbing and electrical installations, patched walls, fresh paint, and new kitchen flooring.

We need your help to make these updates happen! Please consider making a financial contribution to help fix up the house.

Your gift will ensure that the Guest House can continue to welcome volunteers and visitors for years to come...and preserve the history and memories of a historic building.

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