Entrepreneurial Fair Showcases Business Ideas

Entrepreneurship Fair Bolivia Youth

The UAC-CP hosted its inaugural Youth Entrepreneurship Fair on Wednesday, June 5th in Carmen Pampa. The fair featured more than 200 students and young people from the local area who showcased their small businesses and ideas for small businesses.

The Youth Entrepreneurship Fair was organized as part of the UAC-CP’s Entrepreneurship Program for Rural Bolivian Youth–an initiative that was launched in January 2017 with funding from the Inter-American Development Bank, the Katherine B. Andersen Fund at the St. Paul Foundation, and Carmen Pampa Fund.

The primary goals of the first three-year phase of the initiative have included the development of a Business Institute on campus and the expansion of on-campus micro-businesses that serve as both hands-on learning laboratories and as a source of earned income for the College. Students also receiving personalized training and guidance to help develop or expand their business ideas.

Business ideas featured at the Fair included: biodegradable packaging, traditional Bolivian food pre-prepared for vegan diets, and UAC-CP products, including: coffee, vegetables, and pork and chicken.

Featured speakers at the Entrepreneurship Fair included UAC-CP president Msgr. Juan Vargas, Catholic University of Bolivia representative Rene Mariaca, Coroico Mayor Richard Escobar Valverde, and Senior Specialist at the Inter-American Development Bank Fernando Catalano. All speakers touched on the importance of young people in Bolivia’s rural area serving as innovators and responding to the social and economic needs of the country.

Three locally owned businesses also shared their experience and expertise. Attendees heard from coffee farmers and coffee shop owners at M&M Coffee, the owner of a tourism company, and a wood carver. They hope their success as small business owners will inspire youth to follow in their footsteps.

For more information about the UAC-CP’s Entrepreneurship Program for Rural Bolivian Youth at the College, visit our Special Initiatives page on our website or contact our St. Paul office: info@carmenpampafund.org.

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