Recognizing Students on International Agronomy Day

Agronomy Student & Bee Keeper

Today, International Agronomy Day, Carmen Pampa Fund salutes students studying in the College’s Agronomy Department. Students like Rosendo Arpa.

At 29-years-old, Rosendo is both a full-time Agronomy student and a small business owner. The son of citrus and coffee farmers, Rosendo raises bees and produces honey on his parents’ small plot of land in the community of San Cristobal—located just a 20 minute walk from the College. 

Rosendo’s classes and practical learning modules at the UAC-CP have helped him understand how honey production works. Now, with the support of the Business Institute, he is exploring ways to expand his business. 

“The UAC-CP is preparing me to improve my life situation,” he said.

Rosendo is one example of youth at the UAC-CP who are working to improve the social and economic situation of their home community…and country.


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