Barb Jeanetta Volunteers at the College

Barbara Jeanetta Volunteer in Bolivia

Barbara Jeanetta of Minneapolis, MN, is serving as a volunteer at the College.

Barb, who is on a 3-month sabbatical from her work as executive director of Alliance Housing in Minneapolis, is responsible for teaching English in the College’s Ecotourism Department and developing marketing materials for Carmen Pampa Fund. A Spanish speaker, Barb interviews and photographs UAC-CP students, faculty, and staff with the main purpose of sharing their stories with CPF donors and stakeholders. She has contributed to several entries for CPF’s social media accounts and blog postings.

Barb first became familiar with the College when she served as a member of CPF’s Board of Directors from 2009 – 2012. “When I served on the board of Carmen Pampa Fund, I loved the stories and experiences of members that had been to the College. I committed to visit when I had both the time and money. This sabbatical was my opportunity. My expectations have been more than met,” said Jeanetta.

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