Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church Explores Medical Mission Partnership


Two medical specialists from Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Church (MPPC), Mt. Pleasant, S.C., spent several days this past week working with the College’s Nursing Department and the on-campus clinic.

Dr. Trish Hutchinson and Leigh Brandenberg, who have traveled to Central American countries providing resources and medical expertise, were first-timers to Bolivia and to Carmen Pampa. “The most meaningful takeaway from my time in Carmen Pampa was the raw beauty and simplicity of the area.” Brandberg commented of her visit. “The community has mastered the art of living with the land unlike other areas of the world.”

During their stay, the group gave a lecture about female health to members of the nursing community, as well as administered resources and tools to the College’s new clinic that is managed by the Nursing Department. With their help, the clinic was able to open its doors weeks before anticipated.

The team hopes to return to continue its partnership with the UAC-CP and the community in an on-going exchange of public health services. “We hope to start a collaboration or conference-style arrangement bringing public health professionals, nurses, doctors specializing in adolescent medicine (Dr. Trish), physical therapists, psychiatrists, family medicine physicians and horticulturists.”

Stay tuned for more information about future projects within the MPPC-UAC partnership.

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